The True Name of God

In Hebrew name of God is יהוה or ‘Yahway’ however, that may not be the correct pronounciation, the three main letters of the name of God are הוהHoe-ve – which means present-being and the additional yud means makes God’s name translate as ‘That which brings into being’ or ‘that which is continuously present’ –

Within hasidic literature the above name of God is scrambled a little in to Haviyah הויה which actually means ‘Existence’ so according to Judaism God is “Being”.


HVYA Elokaynoo

These are the two primary names of God – YHV&H – which represents the Unified aspect of all reality – The ALL –the Universal- and Elokaynoo – Our God – that means the multiple the personal – the individual.

The message is that we must experience both dimensions of reality – both the singular and unified and the multiple personal and individual.

That we must on one hand let go of our selves – and on the other embrace who we are – and that life and a balanced and successful life – swings back and forth between these tow extremes – between being comfortable being ourselves and letting go and trusting life and giving other people room to exist.

That even though we experience ourselves as separate entities – we are all part of this divine reality – we are all part of God – part of a God that has no parts.

This idea is reflected and most clearly expresses the miracle that is said to have taken place in the Jerusalem Temple.

In the Holy Land, in Jerusalem the Holy City, stands the Holy Temple, walking up to it is a Holy experience, as you enter the outer courtyard you notice another doorway to the inner Holy courtyard where stands the Holy Alter, directly behind the Alter is the doorway of the Holy Temple, as you enter you notice two Menorah at the end of the Holy Hall, you continue straight passing between the two menorahs, you enter the Holies, and just beyond the Holies lies the Holy of Holies, you enter and you see the Holy Ark – with Two Holy Childlike Cherubim looking at each other – you go towards the Ark

Standing in the Holy of Holies – the Rabbis Claim that a magnificent and wonderful miracle took place – If you’d take your handy ruler out of your pocket and measure the Actual diameters of the Ark it would be 1 and a half X 2 and a half Ama’s. In a squarw room approximately 20 X 20 Amas. However if you measured from one side of the Ark to the wall it was 10 Amas and if you measured the distance from the other side of the Ark to the wall it was also 10 Amas! Whatever side of the Ark you measured from it still only measured 10 Amas! – This means that the Ark could be measured but at the same time could not be measured – it took up space but did not take up any space! ‘To Be & Not To Be!” –

This is the Miracle that took place within the Holy of Holies! – the Holiest place on earth – the centre of all Jewish religious life – the centre of all communication between God and Humanity for over 8 hundred years – while the Temples stood – the focus of much of Judaism’s religious devotion is focused on Jerusalem the Temple and ultimately the Holy of Holies.

But what does this miracle teach us about Judaism? About ourselves? About the Nature of the Universe? – About the Nature of God?

The ultimate revelation of God on earth – took up space and did not take up any space – it is a rip in the ‘space time continuum’ a porthole to the Infinite – to the spiritual – a revelation of the true nature of Reality – the Quantum nature of Reality, and perhaps even the miraculous nature of all Reality.

Kabbalah teaches that each and every one of us should see ourselves as a minute Temple – and that within each of us we have a Holy of Holies, and that our very being is tied up with the essence of pure divinity – we not only have a spark of God within us – but this Holy of Holies is by its very nature miraculous in nature.

Let’s investigate this slightly further – What does it mean to both exist and not exist at the same time? To take up space and not to take up space?

To be an Ego and at the same time to let go of that Ego – to always be fluctuating between your own self centeredness and absolute selflessness ?

On a Cosmic scale – the miracle in the Holy of Holies teaches us that although we may be able to measure our lives – and we may hold on dearly to them – but in the bigger picture of things – we are merely a minute point – and virtually non existent.

It is a humbling realisation to look out in to a clear night sky and realise how small we all really are – or to think about the vastness of the Universe compared to our limited being – to think about the journey of time compared to our the span of our lives – and that in the bigger picture we may not be all that important. – and definitely not as important as we quite often feel.

(In our temple it is up to us what sacrifices we bring – we offer up – )

On a personal scale: It means that you accept yourself (Since the Ark is Holy and it can be measured) – but you also have room for others (it doesn’t take up any room in relation to others) – it means that you love yourself but you trust Life, God and the Unfolding of the Universe – It means that you trust yourself but that you are willing to concede that you may be wrong – and that you have room and internal space for others – in your life –

Deep within the depths of each of our hearts – deep within the depths of every human being – is a door – to the Infinite to the Transcendent – to the Essence of God – the Universe & Reality.


One thought on “The True Name of God”

  1. I got interesting fact for u:

    1. Moses, IAM THAT IAM, in aram, it formed similiar like EBIEL (My Father/source/creator is GOD)

    1,5. Jerusalem = JeHovh is Peace. Remember Jerusalem is PLACE for GOD name on EARTH.

    1,7. Jesus = JeHovh is salvation.

    2. JESUS say “Our Father in Heaven”.

    Father(mother) with no sex type.

    Fact is YHWH is a Title.

    “Father/Source/Creator” is what we have to call when we coming(shalat-islam) to HIM.

    But the true name will never spelled or touch by physically world.
    ONLY Feel and understood by our Heart.

    It is Peace, Love, Joy, and Salvation.
    It is like the open sea and the green field.
    It is like water in desert.
    Ice on summer and fire on morning cold.

    It is a joy, hope, smile, beauty.

    It is GOD name.

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