There’s a telling Italian saying: “When the wine goes in, the secrets come out!’ and another one that goes something like: “You can’t have a full bottle of wine AND a drunk wife!” But I’m not sure which one is more accurate?

A relatively modern school of mysticism (a subtle reference to the Urban Guru and mates) believe that being slightly inebriated is actually a vehicle for self-discovery and enlightenment. Of course, when you see the entire world, as an ongoing form of Group Therapy, everything, even being paralytic once in a while, is part of the ‘healing’ process.

The amazing thing is about being off-your-face is that it’s not an intellectual exercise, it is an experiential experience!

You’ve got an excuse to let go and be yourself completely, without guilt or any form of societal repression, judgement or shame. Getting drunk reveals who you really are underneath the cosy façade of ‘normality’. But because we often aren’t really in touch with our inner selves or with our true feelings, stuff comes out that we choose to blank out and would rather forget.

But if we go beyond that juvenile form of emotional therapy and embraces the deeper lesson that this ancient liquid intelligence is teaching us, we will soon learn that; 1. Being drunk is ultimately a state of mind. 2. Us being ourselves fully and completely is actually a good thing. 3. Many of societies inhibitions and cultural norms are inventions of deeply unhappy people. 4. You do actually love everyone. 5. You’ve just not realised how sexy and beautiful almost everyone is!

“I’m praying for rain in California, So the grapes can grow and they can make more wine!”

Get in touch with your inner-drunk and tell everyone you love them!


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