Love and accept yourself

Each one of us is capable of tapping into a truly vast, inner reservoir of love and compassion, not only for ourselves, but for others and the world at large.

When we do touch that source, this depth within us, we are overwhelmed with a real love for living, that surges and flows out of the depth of our being and saturates every fibre of our existence.

Heaven and Hell exist primarily in this world, our lives are an opportunity to experience and re-experience the depths of divine love (heaven).

Our failure and our preoccupation with the multiple distractions, suffering and pain that we (primarily) inflict on ourselves is a living hell.

It is a hell of not knowing, a hell of the missed opportunity, of the lack awareness of the infinite unconditional love that brings the universe into being every fraction of the moment.

This life is your heaven and your hell, this life now, is your eternity.

Every moment a divine opportunity to unite and reconnect with the source of al life, with the endless light – to touch that inner reservoir of love and compassion deep within you.

I believe that the purpose of our lives is that each of us can explore, discover and fall in love with ourselves, our life and the world.

I believe that each one of us, each human being, has the capacity to feel a deep sense of love and happiness.

When you discover this love that resides deep within you, you begin to have compassion on yourself, compassion for others and love for life itself.

It is my hope that today is the day that you choose to touch this deep within you – that you choose to foster the love within you, that love becomes your primary concern, your number one priority. 

Urban Guru


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