Listen to your heart

Everyday, if you listen closely, the Universe within yourself is telling you something.

If you listen you will hear, that small and quite voice, that knowing feeling that dwells behind your heart, it is urging you to love.

To do what you love, to be what you love, to live the life you love.

But you’ll only hear it if you spend time and energy learning to listen, learning to quiet your mind, to sit still for a moment, to let go of everything you are trying to hold on to.

If you are able to create room within yourself, to create time within your day, to make space in your life to listen, then you will hear the compelling gush of your soul, forward towards that passion in your life, the goodness in you heart, the loving sparkle in you eyes.

If you could just learn to breathe, gently, to listen to your breathing, to focus on your breathing, to feel the sensation of your breath passing slowing and easily in and out of your lungs, if you could allow it to make a space within you that is open and receptive then you will hear.

This voice, this drum, this tidal wave of subtle joy that wants to engulf your whole being with every beat of your heart.

So begin to relax, allow yourself to just be, let yourself be comfortable in your own skin and learn to love the you that you are.

If you spend time listening, your heart to sing you its secret song, of longing and laughter of love and joy and you’ll discover that it’s the same song you have been singing your whole life silently, the song that you knew when you were a child and running in the fields, the song which your heart is drumming to is your life.

So let today be one of song, let it fill you with joy, let the rhythm within travel without.

And start to hear the love for all existence that is always singing if you’d only listen.


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