Light fantastic

In the mystical writings of quantum physics they explain that every single particle and electron jumps in and out of existence in their dance around each other. Instead of smoothly swirling around the neutron like the orbit of the planets around the sun, the electrons appear and then seem to completely disappear and then they reappear in a different position on the apparent orbit.

It might seem like they are going around the neutron but in fact they jump around the neutron, coming into existence and disappearing.

Where they go no one knows, where they come from, we can only postulate an explanation, but they fluctuate in and out of existence every 1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times per second. In fact the neutron doesn’t even exist much more than these pulsating electrons, it also flashes into and out of existence every fraction of a moment. This doesn’t just take place in some fancy physics lab, but every single bit of existence!

Because everything is made up of electrons, neutrons and other fancy bits of tiny energy that also jumps into and out of existence.

It’s like a flashing computer or TV screen, they pulsate at about 60 x per second, and because our brains can’t seem to process anything faster than that, the multiple and separate individual images actually flashing before us on the screen seem joined up and flow smoothly like real life.

We live in a huge pulsating illusion of continuity, when in fact every moment is in fact brand new, coming to existence from nothingness or some other universe, dimension or realm.

The Kabbalistic tradition that I’m schooled in explains that it the entire universe is continuously being created and re-created every fraction of a moment by the power of the hidden essence of God.


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