Getting back the Urban Guru

Twitter and Facebook have given me an outlet for some short, sometimes even profound quotable spiritual insights. But as a result of having my need to share these crazy ideas and experiences satiated, it seems that my Urban Guru blog has not been updated in a long time.

Twitter updates do provide me is an opportunity to encapsulate a deep insight in under 140 characters, which is its self a form of meditation, no doubt. But I’ve found that larger bits of continuous thought, a linear progression of one or two ideas, has become more difficult.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for everything, a time a place for contemplating and a time for doing what needs to be done. However useful updating my virtual profile is, I’ve also lost something. I’ve lost that time that I used to make to actually attempt to write something more cohesive, something in more detail, a theme better explored or explained. And that’s a shame.

True having 2 kids and running about means that I have less time to think, but still, I believe that there is so much good stuff within me waiting to come out that I’m required to spend some time developing it.

The impact of Tweeting on my ability to think for more than 140 characters shouldn’t be underestimated. Yes it’s true I’ve got a very sensitive mind, but nonetheless I’m even finding it difficult to continue this little blurb without constantly being aware of the time and letters I’m taking up.

But life, if lived fully needs more time, more space, more patients, more detail, more fulfilling and deep insights, not just for the people reading this stuff, but mainly for me. It’s what I need.

Just getting back in touch with that inner writer, that verbose and lyrical spiritual enlightener, that might take you on an inner journey of hope and insight. Ahhh… that would be good.

Is this a New Year’s resolution? I hope not! I strongly discourage people from making them. Anyways, I’m starting over, so for the meantime forgive my style, it will improve as I get back into the groove.

Much love – U.G.


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