Conversations with the Messiah

In realms of spiritualised consciousness where those oh-so common delusions of time and space are thin watery memories, I found myself gently wrapped in some soft and sublime inner light as I communed in profound naivety with the soul of the Messiah himself.

We sat face to face and swam within the lucidly sea of the mystical secrets, as their waters flowed around us and within us. He pointed to and revealed embedded dimensions hidden within the very blueprints of creation of such unutterable profundity and unimaginable understanding that the seams of all existence began to slowly unravel in a ballet of unbecoming.

He smiled with that cheeky but knowing Buddha-like Cheshire cat smile that I’d previously failed noticed.

Why are you showing me these things I asked? Don’t get me wrong, I like this stuff and I’m completely amazed and terrified by them, but I can’t do anything about them, who I am?

Still smiling, he mumbled something incoherent about needing ingredients for a cake and something about cracking eggs. And then he winked.

He winked as if he was taking to some older wiser me, as if I understood him, but I didn’t, as if he was talking to a drinking buddy of his who got his jokes, but I looked back a little blankly in childlike naivety and tried to hide the fact that I didn’t.

After an eternity I got it, “Ahh!” I said, “I’m going to be part of a Bigger Cake!”

“No!” he replied, “the cake has no parts, you are the cake.”


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