Personal Utopia

Creating a new personal paradigm, a brand new worldview which completely changes the way you see and understand yourself and the world is the most important step in creating your very own personal utopia. In order to truly free from the pervasive cultural influences of modernity and for that matter post-modernity, it’s important to root […]

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Being Go(o)d

Many spiritual traditions particular popularist views of Buddhism, some elements of spiritualist Christianity, Kabbalistic Judaism and Sufism and much of the New Age movement seem to focus on the suppression and ultimately on the obliteration of the Ego as a fundamental path towards getting closer to God and/or your ‘Higher Self’. I’m personally schooled in […]

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Getting back the Urban Guru

Twitter and Facebook have given me an outlet for some short, sometimes even profound quotable spiritual insights. But as a result of having my need to share these crazy ideas and experiences satiated, it seems that my Urban Guru blog has not been updated in a long time. Twitter updates do provide me is an […]

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10 Top Tips for Creating Your Ideal Christmas & New Year!

1. Spend time imagining the best-case-scenario for your winter break, but be completely relaxed about the outcome. 2. You always have complete free choice about who you spend time with, and the power to choose to be where you want to be at any given moment. 3. Take advantage of your time off work and […]

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Conversations with the Messiah

In realms of spiritualised consciousness where those oh-so common delusions of time and space are thin watery memories, I found myself gently wrapped in some soft and sublime inner light as I communed in profound naivety with the soul of the Messiah himself. We sat face to face and swam within the lucidly sea of […]

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Urban Guru’s Spiritual Retreat

Spiritual Retreat with the Urban Guru. Escape the Winter Festivities  with a heart-warming, mind expanding weekend away in the Peak District. 25-28th Dec 2009 – Sheldon’s Luxury Retreat Escape from the city, from the humdrum and stresses of everyday life… and escape Christmas! Sometimes we all need to escape from the din of city living, […]

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Deepak Chopra is coming to Manchester UK!

I’ve got it on good authority that Deepak Chopra is coming to talk to Manchester at the Bridgewater Hall sometime in September. If you want any more info you’re gonna have to call me. Peace & Blessings Max 07877 315 216

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Successful Living

Despite what society would like you to believe, you already know intuitively, that real success isn’t measured by what you own, but rather, by who you are. Ultimately it is a real sense of contentment in all the areas of your life that is the true measure of, what I’d like to describe as, ‘successful […]

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Spiritual Life Enrichment – Newsletter – Sign Up!

FEED YOUR SOUL! is the new and exclusive E-bulletin from the Urban Guru. Empowering, Life Enhancing Spiritual Enrichment – for your urban Soul Always read the label INGREDIENTS: Words, Inspiration, Images (10%), Insights, Wisdom, Bullsh*t (trace elements) NUTRITIONAL VALUE (per serving) Energy 100% Other information: 100% Organic 99% Recyclable the Urban Guru website is hosted […]

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The world is created and recreated every fraction of a moment, every moment is brand new!

The world, universe and everything and beyond, the myriads of angels, energetic spheres of influence, every fibre of existence… is pulsating in and out of being . The entire lot, all of it is being created from the essence of all being, and ‘pulsating’ in and out of existence, from absolute nothingness into brand spanking […]

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Reincarnation And Other Rubbish – Making the most of your life now

The Kabbalistic tradition does believe in reincarnation, but the real question how are you going to use the information you find out about yourself and your previous lives and incarnations? How are you going to live your life as a result of the idea of reincarnation? If you are going to say to yourself; why […]

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Tasting Personal Utopia

There is a peculiar Kabbalistic custom which encourages tasting the food prepared for the Sabbath before the day actually begins. On a practical level, this hopefully ensures that the food tastes ok, and if it need a bit more salt or curry power then you’ve got the opportunity to remedy it before the Sabbath. However […]

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Mean what you say and say what you mean

One word spoken with intention is more powerful than a million mumbled prays, magical incantations and babblings from Holy Scriptures. Words without intentions are like the bodies of Angels without souls, and words without intentions are like souls without bodies. But words said with intention have the power to storm heaven and permanently transform the […]

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Become Your Own Teacher

No one can teach you the ancient wisdom contained in your being they can only be your mirror. I hate teachers, gurus, rabbis, politicians, priests, swamis and other self-declared authoritarian quacks that think that they know best, that they are somehow superior and better than regular common people. The bible I think, could be something […]

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Be careful what you ask for it might just come true

Sometimes you may feel that you need to pray, and that’s cool, in fact asking the Universe for the things you need to be yourself completely, is really important, praying for thing things you want – sometimes we don’t ask and that’s a problem, asking, and articulating what you need and want help you on […]

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Quantum Holy Of Holies Within You!

The miracle that is said to have taken place in the Jerusalem Temple: In the Holy Land, in Jerusalem the Holy City, stands the Holy Temple, walking up to it is a Holy experience, as you enter the outer courtyard you notice another doorway to the inner Holy courtyard where stands the Holy Alter, directly […]

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Joy, Happiness and Dancing

Look, whatever the meaning of life really is, or whatever suffering there is in the world or thus far in your life, it’s not gonna hurt you if you learn to smile, smell the flowers and force yourself to discover a big dollop of joy, happiness in your life, is it? So the wise Urban […]

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Interfacing with the Universal Force

The Jedi warriors know that they must listen to the Force, they must tap into the underlying unity of the universe, opening their consciousness to the life force within everything, the bubbling and pulsating force of the universe which brings it into being and nurtures all life. In ancient Hebrew the expression ‘Life force of […]

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Moving On With Madonna

Madonna has been throwing out all of Guy Richie’s stuff in an attempt to erase his memory from her life. Now although this is an understandable and very human reaction to the pain, hurt and anger of the end of a relationship, this is only a stepping-stone to moving on. There is an ancient story […]

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Just Let Go!

Sometimes life doesn’t give you time to think, to theorise, to philosophise, to ponder and wonder, what the deeper meanings are. As a self-proclaimed “Urban Guru” i find this non-thinking type of service, slightly challenging, but that’s because i think too much, and God/ the Universe and everything is telling me to just stop! Not […]

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Bathroom Epiphany

Had a real [experiential] (almost life altering) epiphany the other day. All i did was add a prefix to every thing i thought about touched, felt experienced the prefix was ‘divine’ and my divine-hand divinely-touched the divine-touch brush … etc… this almost joking play continued for a few minutes, and then it dawned on me, […]

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When opportunity knocks

The story goes something like this, a guy is drowning in the ocean and he prays to God to save him, a big piece of drift wood floats by, but he ignores it, knowing that God will answer his prayers, a guy in a small dingy offers him a lift, and eventually a helicopter comes […]

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Whats Life All About?

If you’re alive and if you’ve ever taken a moment to think about the big questions, then you’ll probably admit that life is a little bit crazy. After years of pondering this and other important questions, i’ve had one or two fairly cheesy but profound realisations: Each and everyone of us has to activate a […]

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The cold shoulder

Top five ways to tell your partner is angry: 1, Not talking. 2, Avoiding eye contact. 3, Avoiding touching you. 4, Slamming doors. 5, Doing things to upset you or provoke an emotional response from you. But once you have noticed an icy stare, what can you do to smooth things over? Max says that […]

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Deep Listening – Shema

One of the most important theologically charged statements in the Bible, which is recited perhaps 4-5 times a day by the Observant Jews is the ‘Shema’. the first word of the Shema – is the word Shema – and it simply means LISTEN!!! It itself is a profoundly important and potentially life altering message from […]

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